PihaSauna 15

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107.6 sq.ft + 73 sq.ft. deck. | 70mm Walls | 28mm Floor

The PihaSauna is the perfect addition to your backyard relaxation space, and doesn’t require a building permit!*

Features an interior wall to separate the unit into a changing area and sauna room, as well as wooden benches in the sauna area for seating. Manufactured in 70mm thickness, it will keep in the heat and offer ample space for your backyard spa retreat.

Unit can be manufactured without benches upon request. Furnace and Coals are not provided. 

* Most municipalities and jurisdictions require building permits for units over 107.6 sq.ft. We always recommend looking into your local jurisdiction about your specific piece of property to determine the requirements for building permits in relation to any of our units. 


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