Garage Models

40mm & 70mm Wall Thickness

We offer a variety of Garage models ranging from one and two car enclosed spaces, to open carports with storage.

40mm & 70mm Wall Thickness

Garage Models

The following units are built in either 40mm (1 5/8″) or 70mm (2 3/4″) log wall thickness. These units are not manufactured with floor boards , but will come with 18mm (3/4″) roof boards, and double pane doors and windows.

Our units come in a deconstructed package, wrapped in thick tarp and strapped to a pallet. The pack will include all wood material, doors, windows, and hardware as you see in the renderings. We can also provide any technical drawings or assembly instructions upon request.  

Any of our 40mm Garage Models are mass produced, and will come exactly as you see in the rendering. We are unable to accommodate any changes to dimensions or addition of doors/windows in the factory. This does not mean that we cannot alter the unit during assembly on site – please let us know what you had in mind and we would be happy to see how we can create your vision!

Any of our 70mm Garage Models are made to order and require a 40% deposit prior to being manufactured. This means that you can change aspects of the unit such as location of doors/windows, add extra doors/windows, or move interior walls as long as these changes do not affect the structural integrity of the unit.

All prices listed DO NOT INCLUDE additional GST (5%) & PST (7%), Delivery from Nanaimo, or Assembly. 

We can build it, you can enjoy it!

We provide assembly services, and would be happy to provide you with a tailored quote. 

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Garage A

9.8′ x 18′ – 177.6 sq.ft.

40mm – $5,450

70mm – $8,495

Garage B

14.75′ x 18′ – 265.8 sq.ft.

40mm – $6,560

70mm – $10,230

Garage Rauma 

13′ x 26.75′ – 104.4 + 243.2 sq.ft.

40mm – $8,295

70mm – $13,670

Garage Oulu

16.5′ x 18′ – 249.7 + 46.2 sq.ft.

40mm – $7,860

70mm – $12,640

Garage Vaasa

26.75′ x 18.85′ – 504.8 sq.ft.

40mm – $10,865

70mm – $16,710

Garage D

18.8′ x 16.7′ – 315.3 sq.ft.

40mm – $8,650

70mm – $12,245

Garage Mikkeli

18.8′ x 18.8′ – 356.2 sq.ft.

40mm – $10,230

70mm – $15,565

Garage Kotka

18.8′ x 18.8′ – 356.2 sq.ft.

40mm – $10,075

70mm – $15,290


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